Zoie Sgourou ’s Guide to Agios Nikolaos and Elounda

Having selected to live by the sea and olive trees, Zoie Sgourou has become an example of what we call “art imitates life” directing the most successful series and movies set on Crete Island. She is literally a director of contemporary Cretan life.


What drives your direction for the new serial titled “An August Night”?

First of all, respect for Mrs. Hislop and then the greatest joy and gratitude of being a part of it all.


How can you recall the experience from your first cinematographic attempt, titled “Yenaris“?

Both of my short films “Yenaris” and “Houhou” had two main features in common. They were both shot on Crete Island and with the input of people I love very much! Now that I think about it, they had one more feature in common: Extremely low budget. These were unforgettable days in both of these experiences. Days of love, sharing and unhindered creation.



What is your favorite place in Elounda area?

The wonderful route from Elounda to Plaka all the way till that moment when you cast a glance on Spinalonga.


What kind of surprises does Agios Nikolaos have in store for the visitors?

Agios Nikolaos is my favorite city. This is the reason why I chose to live here. There are many hidden corners and different for everyone, as they are connected to moments of time that influenced us in a way. So, if I could suggest anything, is that you should get out; walk night and day, go up and down the stairs and meet people. Somewhere out there, your own hidden corner is yet to be discovered.


Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to go?

Walking around the city and definitely discovering the surrounding villages. You should not leave Agios Nikolaos without discovering its mountain villages: people, tradition, history, flavors.


Which is your favourite beach?

The water is crystal clear everywhere and thus, beautiful. I just prefer sandy beaches and that’s why I suggest Almyros, the right side in Voulisma and Ammoudara, my childhood beach.